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Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection test

Topic : Sensitisation

Test Method Number: TM2011-09 (EU)
Short Name of TM: GARD
Submission received on: October, 2011
Responsible Organisation: EURL ECVAM - European Union
Stage of Submission: Assessment Finalised
General Comments:

Project proposal does not meet the needs for addition to work programme of the OECD TG Programme (11/01/2016)

Method Description

The Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection (GARD) is a transcriptomics-based in vitro assay proposed to discriminate between skin sensitising and non-sensitising chemicals. It measures the expression level of mRNA transcripts for a panel of 200 genes, in the in the human myeloid cell line MUTZ-3 following exposure to chemicals.

GARD addresses the third key event of the skin sensitisation Adverse Outcome Pathway (activation of dendritic cells): step 5 (biochemical pathways related to skin sensitisation) and step 6 (immune recognition of chemical allergens and maturation of dendritic cells (DCs)).

MUTZ-3 human acute myelomonocytic leukemia cell line in its differentiated form, expresses a phenotype resembling the one of immature primary DC or Langerhans-like DCs and is therefore considered a relevant model for DCs.

The test method measures, with Affymetrix gene array technology, the mRNA expression levels of a panel of 200 genes called the...

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