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Automated screening to detect cardiotoxicity in zebrafish

Topic : Cardiotoxicity

Test Method Number: TM2009-07 (EU)
Short Name of TM: Zebrafish assay
Submission received on: July, 2009
Responsible Organisation: EURL ECVAM - European Union
Stage of Submission: Assessment of Pre-submission
General Comments:

On hold-pending further information

Method Description

Zebrafish embryos (48hpf) are exposed in a HTS system to test compounds and effects on heart rate, arrhythmia and death/fibrilation are automatically detected.

The aim of the method is to identify compounds that induce arrhythmia and consequently present a potential risk of QT interval prolongation. In addition, compounds that induce non zERG-related cardiotoxicity should be identified, to be classified as generally cardiotoxic.

The test is inteneded as screening method to detect cardiotoxicity of products in early stages of drug development.

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